Project evaluation

When you have designed and produced electronic files for your print job or simply need to know how to describe your job to your printer to get an accurate price quotation, what specifications should you include?

Involve us early in the design process unless the job is very simple.

Other than your contact information and the name of your organization, your request for quotation should include the schedule for the job: when it will be ready for press and when you will need it delivered. You need to tell us whether it is a new job or a reprint, and if it is a reprint whether any changes need be made.

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    Type of project (ie. book, pad, form, card etc.)



    Paper or Card stock

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    If a book job, please include how many pages, type of binding you desire, and any important specs you think are essential to provide. Please use this area to add any important information.

    The information you provide will help reflect more accurately the cost for the job.

    Feel free to call with any questions you may have in relation to your printing needs.